COMPANY by Dr.Jené Walker
Unleash the Leader™ Corporation is a Leadership Development and Transformation coaching and consulting company that provides services, mentorship, coaching and training to leaders.

We educate, empower, and equip leaders in a tiered training and transformation model. Our objective is to ultimately unleash leaders to become legendary leaders. Our programs are tiered in order to assess the readiness level of leaders as well as to meet the needs of leaders at every level.

Our aim is to unleash leaders for even greater as they progress through the following readiness levels:

Tier ONE

Ready to Transform Your Mindset

Tier TWO

Ready to Unleash Greater Skills


Ready to Advance to Legendary

We have created programs to meet leaders at the point of their needs.

“Leadership has to be drawn out of you.” Bishop T.D. Jakes

We want to unleash the greatest capacity for leadership in the leaders we serve so we assess them to see where they are and based on data and dialogue, we place them in the best coaching and consulting service for them.

Unleash the Leader™ Corporation is a company that promotes self-reflection as a method for growth. Self-reflection is a common thread throughout all our programs. We serve leaders through different modalities: online services such as courses, small group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and live training, conferences, workshops and speaking. We also want to have a membership hub, The Leader’s Vault™, in which leaders from all over the world can interact, collaborate, and receive strategies and tools and resources as a part of their membership.

We strive to provide leaders with exemplary service and quality programs. The company sees each product and service as a vehicle to help propel its clients to the next dimension of leadership. The company’s success is contingent upon the success and satisfaction of its clients. Providing our clients with high-level products and services will guarantee future repeat business as well as referrals for new business. This will help to provide greater long-term profits through referrals and repeat business. Unleashing the Leader ™ determines its pricing, not only based on the market value of its services and products but also on the basis that all we provide to our clients will be of premium value, thus the value of our services and products will be premium.

People Say…

Mrs. Makeda Smith says...

Dr. Jené was able to take her love for teaching, coaching and education and help me come up with two months’ worth of curriculum for my Seven Figure CEO™️ coaching Program. She mapped out strategic content that was aligned with my weekly topics and guest speakers. Not only did she save me time, but she was also able to speak to the points I wanted my coaching clients to focus on for self-development, mindset, leadership, branding and building a strong foundation as entrepreneurs. My coaching program now has the sophistication of college like curriculum. The added benefit was her being able to articulate my voice through the content that was created.

– Coach Makeda Smith, Growth Wealth Strategist

Mrs. Annette Byrd says

My coaching session was so refreshing, and right on time for me. Although I didn’t know what to expect, Dr. Jené took me by the hand and led me on a 1-hr journey specifically crafted for me. The wisdom and passion she demonstrates in her leadership was very impressive, to say the least. It definitely awakened gifts and talents God has placed inside of me. I have more clarity and gained more confidence needed for my next step towards destiny. I am excited, and you should be too. Book your coaching sessions today. 1-on-1 Unlocking and Unleashing Strategy Hour.

Mrs. Annette Byrd, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Mrs. Brittiany Jefferson says

I have had the amazing privilege to work with Dr. Walker multiple times and each time our sessions come to an end I am left in awe. She has an amazing ability to take the vision you are explaining and not only help you scale it, but also break it down into actionable steps. This ability has helped me to shift my mindset from being fearful of stepping out, to stepping out consistently knowing that she has given me wise counsel and helped me break barriers that I did not know were hindering my ability to produce. Thank you Dr. Walker for helping me to not play small but to go forth and Dominate. If you haven't had the opportunity to work with the Leader's Coach, do yourself a favor and don't wait, book a session with her pronto! 1-on-1 Unlocking and Unleashing Strategy Hour.

- Brittiany Jefferson, Personal Development Strategist and Therapeutic Consultant,

Attorney Alexis Hart McDowell, Esquire says

I booked a 1-on-1 coaching session with Dr. Jené and she immediately identified every stronghold and guided me through capturing and casting out every negative thought! She provided not only the spiritual foundation but the work to be done in the natural as well. She knows the mindset of a leader and how to get you out of stinkin’ thinkin’ and into the mindset of domination! Dr. Jené provides insight and revelation to propel you in your purpose! 1-on-1 Unleashing the Legend Coaching.

- Attorney,  Alexis Hart McDowell Esquire

Mrs. Rhonda Bratcher says

My strategy call helped me to organize my content so that I could stay on task and present the people with exactly what they needed. Dr. Jené with her teaching expertise coupled with the anointing has powerful sessions.

Rhonda Bratcher, Quality Assurance Strategist and Author 




Mrs. Farah-Kai Ledford says

Within minutes of my strategy session, Dr. Jené, was able to provide great clarity to my vision while also suggesting another business vertical that I was not even considering! She has the perfect blend of knowledge, street smarts, and a divine anointing from God to truly Unleash the Leaders of the next generation. I can't wait for my next session! 1-on-1 Unlocking and Unleashing Strategy Hour.


- Farah-Kai Ledford, Business Wealth Strategist and Consultant