Dr. Jené Walker

If you need a leader to help transform the leadership in your organization, book Dr. Walker now. She will not only inspire your leaders, she will push them to greater levels, greater dimensions. They will be unleashed to lead. 

Dr. Jené Walker

If you need a leader to help transform the leadership in your organization, book Dr. Walker now. She will not only inspire your leaders, she will push them to greater levels, greater dimensions. They will be unleashed to lead.


Dr. Jené Walker was created to and has the gift of taking leaders from one level or dimension of leadership to the next through coaching, training, and speaking. She is an entrepreneur and a transformational leader’s coach, a dynamic speaker, and a prolific writer. She is a Leader’s Leader in all areas of leadership including business, church, education and other industries. Her specialist and doctorate degrees are in Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction. Her passion has always been in the area of personal and professional leadership development and training. Her methodology involves focusing on the individual and as a visionary, she pulls out the possibilities and creativity in each leader. 

As Dr. Walker creates her programs and services, her desire is to create something meaningful and special for leaders. She desires that everything she creates for leaders to be the key to unleashing a greater leader within each one of them. Leaders have gone through years of experience and training and often times, they still need something deeper, something more. They need to be unleashed and they need continual professional development. Dr. Walker helps leaders to take the vision off the page and put it into action and operation in their lives and in their organization. Through her powerful speeches, her messages gently convict but powerfully incite leaders to move to greater heights in every area of their lives. 

Speaking Topics

This speech is for the audience who has unintentionally become stagnant in the areas of leadership because of certain underlying issues such as mindset or identity crises. The speaker provides strategies for taking back those areas so that leaders can stop faking it until they make it and begin to glow as they continue to grow. This is the foundational speech in leadership transformation, for seasoned or new leaders who need a breakthrough and release in order to go to the next level. 
This speech is for the audience who is on the precipice of greatness in leadership but they need strategy to move forward. These strategies outlined in this speech will cause a reflective moment and a sudden shift in each leader as they are ignited to lead beyond potential. This is a speech that brings clarity to who each leader is and how they fit into their own business model or into the organization or corporation in which they lead.
This speech is for seasoned leaders who are tired of the status quo and are ready to become legendary. It is for current leaders who need something their leadership programs didn’t teach them. They are managing well and are considered successful; however, they are beyond ready to go to the next level. They seek greatness, not for themselves, but for generations after their tenure is over. This speech is for leaders who don’t mind shaking things up for the sake of justice or for the people they are called to serve. These leaders are ready to make their marks. This speech will incite leaders to destroy the “boxed” leadership mentality and to tap into the innovative and inventive aspects of who they were created to be as leaders. 

This speech is tailored for educators in schools, at district levels, in colleges of education, and in other educational institutions who desire strategies for being promoted to the next leadership position within in the system. This speech is whole group coaching that provides systematic processes for preparing for interviews as well as preparing for implementing the next level of leadership in their new role. 

Dr. Walker is CEO of her 501c3 organization, Salt and Light Evangelistic Association, Inc. She has served as associate minister in two churches, a grade 6-12 English Teacher, a high school assistant principal, and a K-12 Curriculum Coordinator for English Language Arts. In each of these roles, her experience has afforded work with a variety of leaders:

Fun Fact #1

She has coached several business leaders, providing them with personal and professional growth strategies in the areas of leadership, enhancing their business acumen and impacting their influence.

Fun Fact #2

She has coached inmates in a Level 3 and a Level 5 prison facility using a curriculum she developed for transition out of the prison system into society. As a result, the men developed vision boards and plans for transition in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and business.

Fun Fact #3

She closely trained instructional leaders in delivery of the curricula, research-based instructional strategies, and to develop curricula and leadership courses and they were promoted to the next level of leadership.

Fun Fact #4

She has coached hundreds of single and married wives to defining themselves in their roles and creating a healthy atmosphere in their homes.

Fun Fact #5

She has developed a training model in a church in which she surveyed a department and brought in experts to provide monthly training based on their needs (i.e., credit repair agents, car dealers, estate planning attorneys, real estate agents, etc.). As a result, praise and worship increased; better budgeting habits were developed; salaries increased; credit scores increased; the number of home owners in the choir and ultimately, tithing increased in this church.

Fun Fact #6

She has directly mentored teachers as leaders, including giving them explicit leadership opportunities under her supervision. 

Fun Fact #7

She has also coached specific teacher leaders, instructional coaches and administrators using her Promoted Curriculum and all have advanced from teachers to assistant principals, principals, and as high as assistant superintendent. 

Fun Fact #8

She has coached teachers in course curriculum development based on observational data and student data and developed them into county wide teacher trainers and leaders. 

Fun Fact #9

She has coached church leaders such as other ministers and pastors in the developing of handbooks, developing the instructional and framework for Youth Church, and expanding the Sunday School and Bible Study Curricula to reach more members of the church.

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