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How To Lead Authentically
Through a Self-Awareness Mindset
by Dr. Jené Walker


It’s time for you to Level Up Now and Unlock the Legendary Billionaire in you.


What if there were a resource to help you to lead your company, ministry, or organization from an authentic place? What if this resource had probing questions and performance tasks that would help you to unlock the authentic leader in you and enhance your level of self-awareness? What if you could rethink who you really are and who God created you to be? What if you realized the untapped authority within you that is yours by birthright? What if you could satisfy the longing and even the voids you feel because you know there is something more and something greater? 

In this eWorkbook you will learn:

The Best Strategies To Help You 

Show Up Authentically

As the CEO of your own company,  you must be confident in who you are and aware of how others perceive you. This resource provides activities to help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses as CEO.

How To Be Relevant To the Culture But Aligned with the Kingdom

No matter how popular it is in the culture to do certain things, you must always stay true to the authentic you God created you to be. There are kingdom standards and world standards. Which do you operate by? 

How To Reinvent Yourself & Stay Fresh.

You may have to reinvent your brand, image, or message to stay fresh. You may have to adjust your products and services to make sure you still meet the needs of your clients. Your brand must remain relevant for the times.

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Dr. Jené was created to take leaders from one level or dimension of leadership to the next. She does this through coaching, training and development, in the corporate setting and as a speaker. Jené, The Leader’s Coach, is the owner of the Unleash the Leader Corporation, an entrepreneur, a dynamic speaker, and a prolific writer. She is the Leader’s Leader in all areas of leadership including business, church, education and other industries. Her specialist and doctorate degrees are in Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction.

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