Commitment, Intentionality, Consistent Action, and Focus separate you from being the leader you were created to be.

What happens when all the limits have been eliminated?
What happens when there are no barriers?

Find out what happens when leaders are unleashed to fulfill their purpose and be legendary as a result.

may the work you do
speak for you.

Commitment, Intentionality, Consistent Action, and Focus separate you from being the leader you were created to be.

What happens when all the limits have been eliminated?
What happens when there are no barriers?

Find out what happens when leaders are unleashed to fulfill their purpose and be legendary as a result.

may the work you do
speak for you.

The Unleashed to Be Legendary Course is a program for leaders who know that they have the capacity to be more and to do more but they need to be unlocked and unleashed. If you’re ready for the next level and you’re ready to rev up your leadership skills this course is for you.


this 9-dimensional program is designed to…

Help leaders come out of hiding and be unleashed for legendary leadership


Provide leaders with principles that will unlock your potential and shift you into purpose driven action


Cause a very powerful transformation to happen within leaders – suddenly

Unleashed leaders to perform at greater dimensions of leadership


Empower leaders to perform at levels that exceed the performance level of average leaders.


Access gifts and qualities within you that you didn’t even know were there

Empower leaders to use what you have as you improve what you have

This is for you if you…

  • You have allowed your organization, ministry, business or job to identify you instead of you standing out as the legendary leader you are
  • You don’t want another program full of fluff but you want principles that will unleash you to revolutionize your industry
  • You want clarity of purpose and you want to explore your self-expression as a leader
  • You want the freedom to lead from a place of power and you just need to be unleashed to be free

About Jené

In this course Jené will walk you through the same dimensions that she herself had to unlock to be unleashed to dominate as The Leader’s Coach.

Jené Walker is known as the The Leader’s Coach who unleashes leaders across the nations. Hundreds of leaders all over the world who have had ideas, products, programs or major projects that they have wanted to implement relied on her gifts and uncanny skills and abilities to pull out greater depths of leadership in novice and veteran leaders alike.

Jené is here to help you reach legendary leader status. She is here to help you develop your blueprint for your vision and your mission. She is here to help you master where you are so that you are ready to be catapulted into your next dimension of purpose.

About Jené

In this course Jené will walk you through the same dimensions that she herself had to unlock to be unleashed to dominate as The Leader’s Coach.

Jené Walker is known as the The Leader’s Coach who unleashes leaders across the nations. Hundreds of leaders all over the world who have had ideas, products, programs or major projects that they have wanted to implement relied on her gifts and uncanny skills and abilities to pull out greater depths of leadership in novice and veteran leaders alike.

Jené is here to help you reach legendary leader status. She is here to help you develop your blueprint for your vision and your mission. She is here to help you master where you are so that you are ready to be catapulted into your next dimension of purpose.

Dr. Mondeshia Shawnté Benefield says...

Dr. Jené played a very instrumental role in coaching me through the interview process that led me to obtaining a principal position. This accomplishment is something that I’ve prayed and prepared for over the years. She helped me to realize and tap into the power and potential God has placed on the inside of me. Dr. Jené was very strategic and specific about the preparation process. She followed up often and provided constructive feedback in a manner that I could receive. The Word of God and the importance of speaking the right words and posture were key. If you are interested in making a change in your life and accomplishing your dreams, then I suggest you partner with her immediately. She is definitely a Godly woman seeking to improve the lives of others. Dr. Jené will assist you along the way!

Ms. Valerie Clark says...

I had the honor of speaking with leadership GURU Jené Elaine Walker and OMG whew!! She walked down my passion, purpose, and plan in less than 30 Minutes!! She assisted me with the structure of my book, business, and ministry and was just as passionate about my purpose as I am. Sometimes all you need is someone who will stop and take time and unleash you to be greater! Before the end of the call, I had an outline, pointers, rebukes, encouragement, and a hot fire stick under me to get all this done! Listen SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING! The plethora of information coming from this vessel is priceless! Anything she is doing is worth investing in, because her hand is gold and she is changing lives! My life will never be the same!

Mrs. Montré C. Stewart says...

I went on an awesome yet challenging journey during my coaching with Dr. Jené – a journey that required me to “elevate and shift my mindset.” Through Dr. Jené’s coaching, teaching, spiritual advising, prayer, covering and encouraging, I am making a daily effort to be the Woman of God I was designed and created to be. I am becoming more committed to my daily relationship with God, my Husband, Son, Family, Friends and strangers. I have been coached through calls, emails, messages, Facebook posts, curriculum, scripture, and more. I am thankful and honored to have an anointed Coach & Spiritual Leader who constantly pours the Word of God in me like she did during one of our one-on-one strategy calls. She has set me up, prepared me, coached me into Taking It All Back. Our sessions were very in depth and together we identified action items in all pertinent areas of my life: spiritual, marital, professional, etc. The song says anyway you bless me, I’ll be satisfied. To Dr. J I say, “Anyway you coach me, I’ll be satisfied.” Jené is fully committed to her calling and election. It is VERY sure. She gives her all to those of us who are so very blessed to be coached by her. God is using her to perform great and mighty exploits.

What you will learn…

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Some leaders want to be unleashed but don’t believe they have what they need to become legendary. Take inventory of the resources within you and the external resources. You have everything you need on the inside and all around you to become the leader you were created to be. This dimension will help you to connect the dots so you can tap into and begin to maximize your resources. Do you know who you are and the wealth of knowledge and tools that you already possess? Do you know that people will pay you for your gifts and for what God created you to do? Do you have people around you who motivate you, inspire you, and push you to new levels? Or do they criticize you, drain you, and deplete you?

Are you holding you back because you’re sitting on your ideas, gifts, inventions, programs, or courses waiting on resources to fall from the sky? I want to challenge you leaders. Do not wait another minute to use what you have!

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 1, Utilize Your Resources will help you begin to consider the resources you have at your fingertips and give you guidance on how to use them to develop even more as a leader. You have so much on the inside of you. Let me show you how to tap into your resources.

Some leaders have had “potential” for seasons but haven’t done anything with their “potential.” Potential is only as good as the extent that you use it. Potential can be expressed in terms of capability versus capacity. You may have the gifts. You may possess the knowledge and the skills. You may have all the qualities that a leader needs because of your ability. You are capable of being a quintessential leader; however, you may lack the capacity to unleash the leader in you. In other words, there is more, there is greater, there is another level of leadership in you, waiting to be unleashed.

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 2, Nurture Your Potential, will help you if you have “potential” that isn’t being maximized and utilized. This dimension will transform your potential into the capacity to be a legendary leader. Nurture Your Potential will help you begin to move beyond potential to having the capacity to lead like a legend. You have what it takes but it has been dormant for too long. Don’t worry! I’m about to stir up the gifts within you. I’m about to shake up your potential and develop it into capacity. You are going beyond your capabilities. You’re being unleashed to lead at a greater dimension.

Leaders are leading from a place of mental bondage and captivity. If you are in captivity in your mind, simply and bluntly put – you will not be unleashed and your people won’t either. Unleashed To Be Legendary is a Tier 2 course intended for leaders who have already taken back their mindset, destroy old paradigms, and they have done the work to tear down blocks and walls of erroneous thinking in my Tier 1 course, Taking It All Back!

In this dimension, you will learn how to maintain the freedom in your mind. You will learn how to lead in a perpetual state of freedom. The moment a thought comes to your mind that is counterproductive to your dreams, you must liberate your mind immediately. You will learn to remain free from mental torment. You will learn how to continually protect yourself from mind blockers.

Your thoughts can determine if your ministry is catapulted into a global ministry that impacts the nations or operates from the basement of your home. Your mind can attract any and everything you desire in life. Your mind can dictate the home you live in, the cars you drive, the size of your business, the number of rental properties you own, the level of success you experience, the places you travel, and the people you attract.

When you learn to liberate your mind, you begin to control the thoughts therein and determine the outcomes thereof. Your life and your leadership will be as powerful as your mindset.

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 3, Liberate Your Mind, will help you live and lead in a liberated state of mind. This dimension will transform your mindset and cause you to think only of the success of your company, church, small business, school, family, marriage, and health. Dimension 3 will help you continue to evaluate your mindset to ensure that you don’t regress back to a negative state of mind. You will live in a continual state of monitoring how you think and developing a better mindset. You will learn to cast a thought out immediately and replace it with more positive thoughts. Because you begin to think “success,” you will be able to attract it.

Leaders should be catalysts for greatness and a motivating force whenever they enter any room. Because I have finally begun to “show up” for myself, my family, my ministry, and my business, I can powerfully unleash the leaders in my sphere of influence. I can’t make people better if I’m not operating at my maximum capacity. I can’t enrich my environment if I’m pouring from an empty cup. I had to take my own Tier 1 Course, Taking It All Back to make sure that I own my self-worth, that I own my wealth and capacity to become wealthier and that I have enough fight in me to pursue God first and His purpose and calling for my life. Now I’m able to enrich others, add value to the environments I’m in, to enhance the community, and to show up in the fullness of my greatness wherever I may be.

In this dimension, you learn to discern whether or not an environment is conducive for your gifts to flourish. Sometimes, it isn’t you as a leader, but it is the levels of toxicity in the environment that prevents you from being able to revolutionize it.

Also, I believe that legendary leaders are able to make everyone else better, and smarter. In this dimension, you will assess yourself. Are you whole and healed? Are you ready to show up? Are you sick and tired of playing small? Do you have amazing qualities that will shift the environments you’re in?

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 4 Enrich Your Environment will help you learn to survey the environments you’re in and determine if you’re enriching the environments and if the environment is enriching you. You will analyze how you’ve enriched where you are so far and how you can do more to shift not only your immediate environment but also the city, state, region, nation, and nations you were created to impact.

Leaders this is the season to be sure of your calling, election, and purpose. We can’t afford to be on the fence about what we were created to do. After you have already done the work to stabilize your mindset, but things are constantly not working out for you, you have to begin to closely examine your position. Are you truly positioned for purpose? Are you truly walking in your assignment? Are you truly living a purpose driven life? Because life will continue to present you with situations that will force you to get in alignment with your purpose. Life’s events will continue to cause your plans to be altered until your plans align with the greater plan.

In this dimension, you will assess and then affirm your purpose. As we continue to evolve, we will continue to assess our identity. Who are you right now? Because who you are should influence what you do. When you affirm what your purpose is in this dimension, you will cease feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and even disgruntled about where you are because you will further define your assignment.

In this dimension, you will evaluate the desires on the inside of you that drive your life. What are they? More than likely they indicate to you what you are purposed to do. There are desires in you that are greater than you. Your purpose isn’t about you. Your purpose is about the people you are called to lead. It is about the environment you were created to transform. It is about the earth you were created to impact. That’s why it is so important that as a leader, you stay focused on the path that has been ordained for you. There are experiences in life that were designed just for you. These experiences were ordained to drive your purpose.

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 5 Affirm Your Purpose will help you state with definiteness of purpose who you are, what you were created to do, and your message to the world. When you affirm your purpose, your affirmation will translate into successful leadership, wealth, riches, and more importantly more successful leaders under your care. This affirmation will cause your burning desire to rise up again on the inside of you so that you will persist in purpose until it is fulfilled.

Leaders if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Cliché? No. Real. At this level, right here and right now, you need to know what you believe and what you will not tolerate. In this dimension, you will discover that Your beliefs must be firm and secure so that your integrity won’t ever be compromised. I can’t begin to express to you the significance of this dimension. I learned from personal and professional experience how profound this dimension is.

First, you will analyze what we believe. You will assess what you think is “right” and what you think is “wrong.” You have to analyze if you believe that “white lies” are ok. You will assess whether or not you can observe someone else doing wrong and not take a stand. You have to assess whether or not you will participate in someone else’s wrong doing even if we’re not solely responsible. You have to decide if dishonesty also means withholding the truth. Do you have strong moral principles or are they conditional or weak?

As a leader, if you’re not secure in your beliefs, you will find yourself in trouble. Trouble may come later rather than sooner but you cannot escape it. Integrity is essential in leadership because it affects the way your people are able to trust in you. Not only can you have beliefs that compromise your integrity, but leaders can also have limiting beliefs that will prevent the organization, staff, church, or business from going to the next level. In this dimension, you will identify any limiting beliefs you have and get rid of them.

You have to be secure in your beliefs because people will impose their beliefs on you and have you stuck and stagnant. People don’t want to follow shaky or wimpy leaders. We have to take a hard look at ourselves in this dimension and become firm in what we believe.

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 6 Secure Your Beliefs will help you reflect on who you truly are as a leader. You will assess your current beliefs. If you’re an educator, do you truly believe “all students can learn.” If you’re a pastor, do you truly “love your neighbor as yourself.” As a business owner, do you truly believe that your business can prosper and bring you wealth? You can’t be totally unleashed to be legendary without being secure in healthy, moral, and righteous beliefs.

Leaders don’t ever stop learning. You’re never too legendary to learn. The culture is changing, your people are changing, and the world is changing. You always need to hone your knowledge. It’s nothing like a leader who doesn’t “know” how to lead. You learned how to solve your own problems in my Tier 1 course, Taking It All Back! Now it’s time for you to better solve the problems of your staff, clients, congregation, and team.

In this dimension, you will learn how to assess situations with wisdom; think through circumstances; follow up; make connections; and repair communication.
No matter where you are in your role of leadership, you will ALWAYS learn while you lead. In this dimension, I will give you scenarios for handling different situations in your area of leadership.

What do you DO with WHAT YOU KNOW? People will pay you for what you DO with WHAT YOU KNOW!

You will be able to generate an income stream in this dimension based on what you do with what you learn. You will learn to take what you know, package your knowledge, and sell it.

What can you help others to create? What can you create for others? In this dimension, you will begin to teach, lead, and dominate from right where you are, right NOW! Don’t wait to “know more!” Allow me to unleash you now as you continue to learn. Continually find ways to improve what you know.

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 7 Hone Your Knowledge will help you to position yourself as an expert in your niche. You will learn how to become the “Go to Person” in your field. You will then learn how to become a multiplier of other leaders based on what you know.

Leaders you have to give yourself permission to be legendary. Some of you are still fearful about what others will say if you do too much!

But the opinions of others must be measured and taken lightly. The fears, inhibitions, limiting beliefs and jealousy of others will hold you back.
So you have to give yourself the power to be legendary.
You don’t need any more confirmation.
You don’t need any pats on the back, accolades or kudos.
You don’t need to ask, “Am I created for this?”
You don’t need anyone else to give you permission.
You have received the torch.
The torch to carry forth the business ideas, the ministry, the coaching business, the school, the 501c3, the food truck, the health and wellness coaching, the leadership coaching.

You’ve reached your climax, the turning point now in your life. You’ve had people to speak over you. You’ve affirmed yourself as a leader. You’re almost completely free to lead at a capacity that will impress even YOU.

In this dimension, you will learn how to move forward and take action on the purpose that is on the inside of you. People who follow you are waiting to emulate you. They need the strategies and the blueprints from you. Don’t continue to make them wait. Allow me to unleash you.

In this dimension, you will learn to be a trendsetter. Start a new trend in your niche. Not for the sake of being trendy but out of necessity. Your uniqueness, your brand, and your gifts bring something different to your field.

In this dimension, you will empower yourself to take on the project, to release your music, and to build the program. You will learn to follow your first mind.

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 8 Empower Yourself will help you to consider the territory, land, homes, buildings, money, wealth, and riches that are waiting on you to finally feel empowered enough to reach out and seize everything that belongs to you. This dimension will empower you to be bold enough to possess what’s yours.

Leaders where you are right now isn’t the end for you! There is so much more. You can’t stop here. It’s time to discover your next.

But where you are right now is so important because this point can be the deciding factor of whether or not you move forward into action or remain stuck and stagnant.

In this dimension, you will be forced to make a decision to take action and move
ahead into positioning yourself for legendary leader status. You will learn how to Change the trajectory of your life.

These last three principles are the final and most impactful steps of Unleashed to Be Legendary. Your Completion of these 3 steps will indicate whether or not
you have truly been unleashed.

In Dimension 9, you will establish your mission to build; learn what is required to become a legendary leader, a leader who will be remembered for the profound marks you’ve made on the people you’ve impacted. In this dimension, you will position yourself for your name to be made great.

You want to be the kind of leader who years from now, people will still implement the work that you leave behind. This is the time to solidify your vision and mission.
You will establish a dream team to help you implement the vision now.
You know your weaknesses and so in this dimension, you are able to identify the strengths in others that you need to complete the team.
Your business plan will be solidified with milestones identified and a 3 to five-year budget. After this dimension, there won’t be any more seasons of plans that are on paper that have collected dust and never been executed.

There is a deeper dimension of leadership for you. It’s time for you to level up.
It’s time for you to advance to legendary leader status.

THE BLUEPRINT: Dimension 9 Discover Your Next will help you to make a decision about your next steps, map out the details for how you will get there and to just do it.



Each dimension will have an in-depth training video.These will teach you strategies and guide you through the transformation process.

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