And how you can use this 7-Day course from my  Tier 1 Framework for Mindset and Leadership Readiness. It‘s for a woman who is ready to transform into a leader who knows her worth, has her wealth and dominates as a legendary leader!    

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 I Went from man-less and money-less to The

Coach to billionaires …

I remember when he left me and shortly after that, I left my job. Double Whammy!

I thought for sure that I had lost it all and that my mind was sure to follow. I began to question my worth as a woman and a leader.  It was too much embarrassment for one woman to handle. I began to think…

   Was I not enough for him?  I’m not enough. I thought he loved me… Will I ever love again? I’m a single mother. Will I still be considered a leader outside of the system in which I worked?  Will people think I’m credible without my titles? Am I too old to start over? I can’t do this.

Fear. Rejection. Mental Blocks.

Lack of confidence in myself. Insecurity.

But something on the inside wouldn’t let me stay there. I was minus a man and minus a six-figure salary.

But I knew I couldn’t mope in misery for too long.

I had to get my mind back so I could get my money back. “What ever happened to her?” “Did her little t-shirt business ever get off the ground?” They said. And it fueled me from the outside. But oh, the revelation of who I am on the inside kept calling me forth.

Out of the shadows. Out of caves. Out of the background. I was never intended to be hidden in the first place. Playing small really wasn’t in my character.

I locked up my money because my mind was locked up in the residue of loss. I had to have an overhaul in my mindset.

Has anything traumatic ever happened to you that has caused you to become stagnant and stuck?

You’ve evaluated your inner circle and what you’ve determined that it is TOXIC.
You’ve made decent money but it continues to ESCAPE you.
Your personal life CARRIES OVER
into your career and business.
Sound familiar?


But there came a point at which I had to evaluate ME. I remember when I first got the revelation that I could control my own thoughts and mindset. Wait, you mean to tell me that I don’t have to have “stinkin thinkin?????”

All these years I’ve allowed my mind to run rampant and when I didn’t have the will to fight back, I called in sick or skipped church or neglected choir rehearsal or snapped at my son or ignored my friends or failed to apply or failed to try…

I decided  that mindset had affected my worth and my wealth for too long.
Are you there right now?

You have to make a decision that you
Don’t want to be that woman…
The leader who operates on fumes,
Appearing to be dominating based on the purse you carry
But really, you’re struggling based on the emptiness inside.

When I began to understand the battlefield of the mind,
I began to take control of my mind and money.
I evaluated me, my mindset, and my thoughts.
I shifted my mindset and my entire life changed.

Like this…


Becoming a certified life coach (buh-bye coaching principals, assistant principals, teachers, wives, women and entrepreneurs for FREE!)

Starting Unleash the Leader Corporation, a training and development company for women educators and women entrepreneurs all over the world
Launching two courses for over 200 women and coaching them to greatness through my first Masterminds

Starting a 501c3 organization bringing in monthly donations for the less fortunate


Starting a ministry for women who desire to dominate in marriage


Developing a curriculum for male inmates at Level 5 facilities called REMADE preparing them to transition out of prison back into society, and so much more!

You see, I always knew that I was made for MORE –– but I just needed to be unleashed.

And I know YOU know that about you, too.

So, let’s talk about YOU, leader.

Have you been feeling stuck in a life where…

You know you deserve a long-overdue raise and really want to dominate outside of your local business and city, but you can’t seem to get out of your own head and really SEE you (what is it about *that* girl who keeps getting promoted?)

You feel like your financial situation hasn’t changed since… well a very long time (and the thought of doing anything more than what you are doing right now is overwhelming)

You’ve been struggling financially, year after year (feeling guilty about believing God for wealth and riches)

… And at the end of the day, even if you would consider becoming a legendary leader who knows her worth and her wealth, life comes and steals your desire right from your heart.

Leader, trust me — I’ve been YOU.

Straddling the fence between small and great.

Disappointed that I kept thinking myself out of my own greatness (and feeling guilty for even wanting to be so great – I mean, who am I?).

If you’re tired of being stagnant and stuck and broke and disgusted, then make a decision now to turn those years of bitterness, insecurity, low self-esteem, indecisiveness, self-doubt, and fear into a season for taking your Mind and your Money Back! Into a season to take back your Worth and your Wealth !

“Think Like a Leader, Dominate Like a Leader!”

Is a 7-day online mindset and leadership development course that gives leaders the strategies they need to shift their mindsets from one of struggle and impossibility to empowerment and limitless possibilities – so you can get your mind and your money back.

Whether you want to dominate in business or get promoted to the next level in education, this course is one of the foundational lessons you will need to dominate.

You have to just jump. Don’t straddle the fence any more.

Decide now that you will evaluate your current level of thinking and your thought processes, and shift your mindset to thoughts of empowerment, possibilities, and growth.

Stop blaming the man who left you.
Stop blaming the childhood that crushed you.
Decide to take this course to become the master of your own thoughts and the master of your own life.

You will unlock this course using three lessons for shifting your mindset. Your mind will be open to the limitless possibilities for your team, business, clients, staff, or congregation.

What you will learn

Lesson 1

Trace the History of the Captivity
  • How knowing the source and origin of mental bondage can be the beginning of your freedom
  • Determine the source of the strongholds in your mind that shape every decision you make and do not make
  • Understand the historical (family, personal, spiritual) impact on your current paradigms
  • Identify avoidance behaviors that you may be using as a safety net to prevent experiencing the feelings that we associate with failure

Lesson 2

Monitor the Source of Your Moods and Attitudes
  • How nagging thoughts impact how you feel and your attitude about your life situations and about others
  • Identify common moods and attitudes with which women deal and the roots of these moods and attitudes
  • Describe how these moods and attitudes are rooted in strongholds and paradigms (thoughts)
  • Discover solutions to the root causes of the moods and attitudes and how to strategically address them as they arise.
  • Understand the role that emotions play in your mindset

Lesson 3

Develop a ‘I Don’t Take “No” For an Answer’ Mindset
  • How to make your personal success, your worth and your wealth a non negotiable
  • Learn how to focus on your process and lessons of reaching your goals rather than the goal itself
  • Learn ways to dispel the fear and worry associated with rejection from people
  • Learn simple hacks for how to perceive “failures” as lessons
  • Discover how to pivot instead of giving up

Why this 7-day course?

No other mindset courses explore concepts and even issues that are specific to women who were also born to be leaders.


The course gives you the opportunity to…

3-step journey

Take a powerful 3-step journey and actually implement a curriculum with a proven process.


IT's been vetted

Experience a course vetted by women leaders like you –– Government contractors, Real estate agents, Business owners, Ministers, Stay at home moms, Educators –– who did the work and experienced much success!


Weekly training

Get  guidance and feedback from The Coach to Billionaires during your journey –– we’re in this together and I will show up in your portal and respond to your feedback.


Mindset Management

Learn how to manage and control your mindset, the most important foundational dimensions of the entire program.


Experience opportunities to participate in practical application of what you learn. You will be able to use what you’ve learned in real life application – transforming you into a woman of worth and wealth!


Device Friendly

View your course and learn on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. You’ll be able to set your own pace throughout the course (and you’ll have lifetime access).

People are saying…

“Dr. Jené has been such a blessing! During my one-on-one coaching calls with her, I gained clarity and confidence about what God is calling me to do and the season that I was in. She was direct, certain, and full of love which helped comfort me as I opened up to her about the areas in my life I was struggling with. This empowered me to take the leap of joining her first membership group coaching. I was so excited about being a part of her membership… but let me tell you… it was SO MUCH MORE than I thought it would be! Dr. Jené labors, with only the diligence and grace God can give, to make sure we HEAR what Yeshua is saying! Every coaching meeting and all the assignments moved me closer to God, my purpose and advancing the Kingdom!”

Mrs. Jenisse Wilson 

Mother and Business Woman

“There aren’t enough words to describe how much of a blessing Dr. Jené has been to me. She has given me the coaching that I needed to focus on matters that I was uncertain about and had put off because of procrastinating. She made me recognize that I had the power and authority to take back everything the enemy had stolen from me or blocked me from. Her style of coaching is nothing I have ever experienced. She was direct, loving, comforting and assuring. She made me know with no uncertain terms that I am worthy to have everything that GOD has for me. Participating in her monthly membership and her coaching is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Tanya Groom

Wife and Mother, Business Owner

The journey all starts with knowing that…

You’re allowed to move beyond where you are right now and be wealthy – prosperous and live an abundant life – even if your family or toxic people tell you otherwise!


You deserve to be promoted for your work, years of studying and dedication to your career. I’m talking about more income, opportunities and invitations to show up as the real you!


You can learn how to value yourself and your mind and walk into any room knowing your worth and take your million dollar ideas to the table.

And when you invest in this 7-Day Online Course you’re saying YES to destroying those mental barriers keeping you stuck and stagnant and broke.


“Think Like a Leader, Dominate Like a Leader!”

My vision is to educate, empower, and equip leaders across the nations to become legendary and to leave a mark that impacts generations to come.

Leaders sometimes have the proclivity 1) To play small; 2) To cower in the corner; and 3) To hide our greatness.

Once I finally learned that I was doing all three of those things, I had a revelation and had to have a transformation.

One major life change can cause you to give up on everything you thought you wanted for yourself… If you let it. I resigned from my salaried position as a leader and the transition literally could have taken me out. If I let it.

My philosophy

My philosophy is there is a small percentage of women leaders who was created to make a global impact and leave a legacy that will transform generations to come. Those are my leaders.
Leadership programs and traditional courses don’t unleash the legendary leader in you because the focus is on basic leadership skills.
Typical leadership programs and courses don’t challenge you to speak up and speak out and do something radical when you know you were called to change the world. Typical leadership programs and courses don’t challenge you to look beyond the four walls of your organization to societal and global needs.

Unleash the Leader is a place where legends are born. I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of women leaders across the nation and in areas across the country.

People are saying…

“I went on an awesome yet challenging journey during my coaching with Dr. Jené – a journey that required me to “elevate and shift my mindset.” I had to think like a leader to dominate like a leader. Through Dr. Jené’s coaching, teaching, spiritual advising, prayer, covering and encouraging, I am making a daily effort to be the Woman of God I was designed and created to be. I am becoming more committed to my daily relationship with God, my Husband, Son, Family, Friends and strangers. I have been coached through calls, emails, messages, Facebook posts, curriculum, scripture, and more. She has set me up, prepared me, and coaches me into becoming the first billionaire in my family. Our group sessions were very in depth and together we identified action items in all pertinent areas of my life: spiritual, marital, professional, etc. The song says anyway you bless me, I’ll be satisfied. To Dr. J I say, “Anyway you coach me, I’ll be satisfied.” Jené is fully committed to her calling and election. It is VERY sure. She gives her all to those of us who are so very blessed to be a part of her programs. God is using her to perform great and mighty exploits.”

Mrs. Montré C. Stewart

Government Contractor, Wife, and Business Woman

“Coaching sessions with Jené have helped me to level up. I’ve become more empowered as a woman and mother as a result. Effective! The monthly membership helped me to identify and transform old mindsets, to let go of generational patterns and strongholds, and to build my inner woman. She uses or speaks powerful words that give life. Her coaching encouraged me to have a strategic plan for my life daily. I have new disciplines in many areas of my life, such as my spiritual life, praying, confessing, reading the Bible and applying those scriptures in my life, and my physical health. She provided coaching in the area of my finances, such as how to create wealth by providing financial experts to provide advice. The Master Mind coaching was a great investment. My life has really been changed. Thank you, Dr. Jené Walker. You are a God-sent blessing in my life.”

Mrs. Dolla J. Laphand Warren

Wife and Mother

This is for you if you are…

  • Ready to get your mind and your money back
  • Ready to walk it like you talk it
  • Tired of allowing old mindsets and old beliefs to hold you back from your destiny
  • Tired of toxic people in your circle who aren’t trying to go where you’re going
  • Ready to get better at monitoring the words that come out of your own mouth
It’s time for you to
think like a leader and act like a leader.


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