Equipping Leaders to Take Back
Their Worth & Their Wealth

Equipping Leaders to Take Back Their Worth & Their Wealth

Leading from a healthy & wealthy place.

A complete online transformational course that gives leaders strategies to shift their mindsets from one of struggle and impossibility to one of empowerment and limitless possibilities. 


Lead from a healthy and whole place because you will transform your way of thinking and begin to lead more effectively and more powerfully
Be able to empower greatness in your team, your staff, your congregation, and your clients because you’ve healed yourself and you are now positioned to empower
Be able to empower greatness in your team, your staff, your congregation, and your clients because you’ve healed yourself and you are now positioned to empower
Enable leaders to have power over their thoughts and begin to attract wealth and prosperity
Catapult leaders who’ve struggled into a realm of success
Teach leaders transformative strategies and principles that will cause them to prosper in every area of their lives

My program Taking It All Back has helped
– government contractors,
– real estate agents,
– business owners, ministers,
– stay-at-home-moms
– and educators
…transform their mindset so they can lead more effectively in their businesses, ministries, careers, and families.

When leaders transform their mindsets and take back their worth, they realize their value to their organizations, businesses, and clients and as a result, they begin to attract more valuable business, clients and wealth.

You’re a brand and a business creator but you need help creating a personal success plan for yourself.

You’re an innovator for your clients but you need innovative ways to manage what’s happening in your own family and your personal finances so you can help your clients innovate.

You’re a transformational leader but you struggle to transform your own mindset to believe that you can be great in both your professional and personal life.

You weren’t born to stay at this level of leadership. You were born to dominate. But you have to believe that.

you’re ready to take back
your worth and wealth

You will learn…

How to have a healthy mindset so you can help your team to be more effective
How to incorporate strategies to keep your actions, thoughts and personal circle conducive to your success
How to master your emotions and master how you respond to external circumstances
Principles to help you prosper in every area of your personal life and life as a leader
How to view life from a positive & prosperous lens
Strategies for using your leadership position to reposition and promote others and yourself
Financial strategies that will help you develop and maintain wealth
Financial strategies to help you take action toward your dreams and additional streams of income

This is for you if you…

  • You know you were created to dominate in your niche and you won’t let anything hold you back
  • There is a group of leaders waiting for you to take back what belongs to you so that you can lead them to their destiny
  • You’re ready to do the work to get what you want
  • You’re ready to prosper financially and need strategies
  • You’re ready to be an effective leader in every area of your life (i.e., as a wife, husband, mother, CEO, Coach, Supervisor, Pastor)

Program Overview

There are 7 dimensions to this course.
Find out what you’ll learn each week. (Click one to view details)

Dimension One:
Think like a leader, dominate like a leader
Evaluate your current level of thinking and your thought practices and shift your mindset to thoughts of empowerment, possibilities, and growth.

Take back your mindset. Dispel every limiting belief. You have control over what you think and what you allow to “cross your mind.” You will make your thoughts subject to your purpose as a leader.

You will learn how to become a master of your own thoughts. You will unlock this dimension using three principles for shifting your mindset. Your mind will be open to the limitless possibilities for you and your team, business, clients, staff, or congregation. Get this Dimension Only and try out the first 7 days of the course, click here.

Dimension two:

Know who you are and position yourself to become legendary being authentically you. Who you are is how you lead. You will become intimate with yourself and clear about your own identity because it impacts every area of your life. You are not the things you’ve done in the past. You are not your mistakes. You are a leader created to dominate.

Investigate deeply your character traits and how others perceive you. Be transparent and honest with yourself so you can reinvent yourself if you need to. Take back your identity. When you’re firm in who you are, you won’t be easily influenced by the opinions of others. You won’t be led astray into doing something that goes against your integrity.

You will learn who you are as a person and a leader so you can maximize strengths as a leader and minimize your weaknesses. You will unlock this dimension using three principles for getting to know who you are. Your authentic self will attract value and wealth and people who want to help you revolutionize your field of leadership.

Dimension Three:

Give yourself permission to use your gifts to manifest your wealth. You have a wealth of gifts within you that may have been inaccessible up to this point. None of us were created to struggle and you have gifts inside of you that will transition you from lack to abundance. You just need access to them.

You will learn how to use your inner gifts to produce external and perpetual wealth. You will unlock this dimension using three principles for discovering your gifts and manifesting your wealth. Your gifts will attract platforms and opportunities for wealth to expand your leadership niche.

Dimension Four:
Eradicate Before Your Elevate

Get rid of toxic thoughts and toxic connections that hinder you from taking it all back. You simply can’t go higher with dead weight – not and stay there. You have an entire sphere of people waiting for you to come out of this season of your life on top. You just have to eradicate before you elevate. Some things and some people just can’t go with you.

You will learn how to dispel things that won’t bring you peace and prosperity. You will unlock this dimension using three principles for purifying your thoughts, actions, and circle. You need a continual process for this dimension so that at each level, you keep your circle pure. When you eliminate what hinders you, you will attract more value and more wealth and bring clarity and illumination to who you are as a leader.

Dimension Five:

Honor yourself and honor others above yourself and that is your key to access what belongs to you. Don’t allow a lack of honoring yourself and others to keep you from taking it all back. Learning how to honor yourself and others can take you to places leadership skills alone can never take you.
So many leaders are in positions and don’t honor the people who work for them, with them or above them. And we wonder why we’re stuck.

“The law of honor is the most important law on earth…Honor is the seed for access into any environment.” – Mike Murdock

Do you need access to information, to locations, or to great people? Honor gives you access.

As a leader, begin to magnify what is great about you and then learn how to magnify what is great about others. Don’t focus on the weaknesses in your life. Most people work hard to be where they are. Others really desire on the inside to be better or they need this course! Honor has a distinct sound, look, and fragrance. It will give you access to rooms and platforms you wouldn’t be able to access if you didn’t have honor. When you learn to look at honor from a different lens, you will access value and wealth beyond your imagination.

Dimension Six:
Change your perspective and your posture from a broken leader to a leader who has already taken back everything that belongs to you – your peace, confidence, power, authority, boldness, willingness to show up, gifts, money, wealth, your credit score, and your debt cancellation. When you operate as if you already have these things, you reposition yourself. Now you are in a position to prosper.

Don’t accept anything but a life of peace and prosperity. You will attract what you think about and what you focus on. To reposition yourself, you have to have a mindset that reflects the life you desire. Your position in leadership is an advantage. You have the ability to impact the lives of so many people. When your people prosper, you prosper.

Build wealthy connections. If you aspire to be legendary, research and study legendary leaders. If you desire to prosper, have millionaire mentors. If you want to be promoted, excel at your current level of leadership.

As a leader, now you’re in a position to make a shift in your life and in your leadership. You have made a transition and gone through transformation. You have moved from one level to a higher level. You are repositioned to prosper in every area of your life. When you learn to master where you are, you can strategically move from where you are to the next position and dimension in leadership.

Dimension Seven:
Take Action
Dream again. You were in a broken space and place for so long that you had forgotten your dreams. Now is the time to remember your dreams and take action to manifest them.

You will never leave anything on the table again. Your race, gender, age or any other distinguishing factor will not limit you again. Excuses are nullified and action will prevail.

What is the big picture for your life as a leader? How do all the images in your current role create the big picture. Examine how your role connects to the big picture. Are you a global leader? National? Regional? Local? Who are you called to lead? What is your niche? Who are your people? For what will you be remembered? How can you produce wealth? Whom will you bless?

You are whole. You are healed. You are taking it all back daily, perpetually. But in this dimension, you will take action. You will make moves that will demonstrate that you know your worth and you’re ready for your wealth.

Mrs. Montré C. Stewart says...

I went on an awesome yet challenging journey during my coaching with Dr. Jené – a journey that required me to “elevate and shift my mindset.” Through Dr. Jené’s coaching, teaching, spiritual advising, prayer, covering and encouraging, I am making a daily effort to be the Woman of God I was designed and created to be. I am becoming more committed to my daily relationship with God, my Husband, Son, Family, Friends and strangers. I have been coached through calls, emails, messages, Facebook posts, curriculum, scripture, and more. I am thankful and honored to have an anointed Coach & Spiritual Leader who constantly pours the Word of God in me like she did during one of our one-on-one strategy calls. She has set me up, prepared me, coached me into Taking It All Back. Our sessions were very in depth and together we identified action items in all pertinent areas of my life: spiritual, marital, professional, etc. The song says anyway you bless me, I’ll be satisfied. To Dr. J I say, “Anyway you coach me, I’ll be satisfied.” Jené is fully committed to her calling and election. It is VERY sure. She gives her all to those of us who are so very blessed to be coached by her. God is using her to perform great and mighty exploits.

Government Contractor, Wife, and Business Woman

Mrs. Dolla J. Laphand Warren says...

Coaching sessions with Jené have helped me to level up. I’ve become more empowered as a woman and mother as a result. Effective! My coaching sessions have helped me by identifying and transforming old mindsets, identifying letting go of generational patterns, strongholds, and building my inner woman, using or speaking powerful words that give life. Her coaching encouraged me to have a strategic plan for my life daily. I have new disciplines in many areas of my life, such as my spiritual life, praying, confessing, reading the Bible and applying those scriptures in my life, and my physical health. She provided coaching in the area of my finances, such as how to create wealth by providing financial experts to provide advice. The Master Mind coaching was a great investment. My life has really been changed. Thank you, Dr. Jené Walker. You are a God-sent blessing in my life.

Wife and Mother

Mrs. Jenisse Wilson says...

Dr. Jené has been such a blessing! During my one-on-one coaching calls with her, I gained clarity and confidence about what God is calling me to do and the season that I was in. She was direct, certain, and full of love which helped comfort me as I opened up to her about the areas in my life I was struggling with. This empowered me to take the leap of joining her first Master Mind group coaching, Taking It All Back. I was so excited about being a part of her Master Mind… but let me tell you… it was SO MUCH MORE than I thought it would be! Dr. Jené labors, with only the diligence and grace God can give, to make sure we HEAR what Yeshua is saying! Every coaching meeting and all the assignments will move me closer to God, my purpose and advancing the Kingdom!


Tanya Groom says...

There aren’t enough words to describe how much of a blessing Dr. Jené has been to me. She has given me the coaching that I needed to focus on matters that I was uncertain about and had put off because of procrastinating. She made me recognize that I had the power and authority to take back everything the enemy had stolen from me or blocked me from. Her style of coaching is nothing I have ever experienced. She was direct, loving, comforting and assuring. She made me know with no uncertain terms that I am worthy to have everything that GOD has for me. Participating in her Taking It All Back course and her coaching is one of the best decisions I have made.

Wife and Mother, Business Owner



Each dimension will have an in-depth training video(s) that teach you three principles for each dimension. These will teach you strategies and guides you through the transformation process.

Participant’s Workbook

Workbook with practical application and case studies. Throughout the course, you’ll complete learning tasks which allow you to apply the principles to your life and your leadership.

online membership area

View and learn on mobile, tablet, or desktop. You’ll be able to set your own pace through the curriculum (and you’ll have lifetime access).

Opportunity to schedule One-on-One coaching

As a certified coach I’ll provide need-based coaching sessions available to you at an additional fee.

the leaders vault private FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP

For leaders across the nations to connect and share success stories and get support when you aren’t feeling the wins that you should experience. Here, your concerns are vaulted and you are safe to be transparent.

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