You’ve maxed out as an effective, yet ordinary leader!
You’ve met goal after goal!
You’ve won awards and reached your dream salary.

Yet, you’re not fulfilled.
You want greater impact.
You desire to make a difference.
You’ve felt “locked up” but now you’re unleashed to level up!

You possess every quality of every leader at the previous tiers in the legendary leadership development programs in Unleash the Leader…


There is a legendary leader in you who is waiting to be Unleashed.

If you are a legendary leader, you…

Challenge the status quo
Rock the leadership boat

Are passionate about what others ignore

Prepare for the failure that is inevitable
Will not be offended by rejection because your legacy intimidates some people
Attract other legendary leaders
Aren’t distracted by distractions but focused on generational impact and legacy

Dr. Malinda Cobb says...

I hoped to be a leader in the field of language arts curriculum. Working with Dr. Walker, I had the opportunity to help train ELA teachers in the standards based teaching roll out. One of the assignments I completed under Dr. Walker’s supervision is the redelivery of the Georgia Performance Standards training for the district. I also had the opportunity to teach the Reading in the Dark course for ELA teachers. Dr. Walker always encouraged me to try new things and mentor others. When we opened Murphey Charter, she always stopped by to help and support us. Because of the extensive work we did with standards-based instruction and writing, I was well prepared to become an elementary assistant principal. Dr. Walker’s positive outlook and encouraging words will help inspire any striving leader. Her ability to provide meaningful feedback is valuable for any leader who wants to grow.

is a 10-dimensional program designed to…


Cultivate legendary gifts in legendary leaders
and to help them craft their legends.


Provide leaders with principles that will unlock the legend within.


Cause leaders to take an introspective and honest look at their traits as a legend.


Unleash legends to make a global impact on the people they were created to serve.

How it Works

We’ll break it down into 4 specific areas of focus for the dimensions.

Analyzing and Reflecting on Current Legendary Traits

Assessing the level or extent of your legendary traits based on information about legends and determining whether or not this is an opportunity to be reinvented to be legendary.

VALUE: $500

Solidifying Your Legendary Status as a Servant

Who are you to your people? You know them but do you serve them? Are you so focused on the future of the vision that you don’t appreciate them for who they are right now? Your people need you in the moment. Do you model legendary traits for your people? Legends are the people’s leaders. Who are you to your people?

VALUE: $500

Training and Developing Other Legends

True legends not only leave blueprints for their people but they teach sustainable leadership. They help their people to develop blueprints. They mold them to be legendary. They recruit and develop Mastermind teams. No blueprint? No legend.

VALUE: $500

Doing Something Radical For Global Impact

How far are you willing to go for what you believe in? How many facets are there to your legend? Who will you impact? What do you stand for? Legends are known for challenging the status quo. They are willing to speak up and speak out. They are radical. How far will you go for the cause you were created to lead?

VALUE: $500

Your Coach

Jené Walker is known as the The Leader’s Coach who unleashes leaders across the nations. In this course Jené, The Leader’s Coach will compel you to analyze the lives of other legends and to identify the legendary traits in you.


This is for you if…
  • You are already in a leadership role with significant responsibility and success for leading a group, team or staff of people.
  • You were called and created to make global impact.
  • You need principles, strategies, and blueprints for being legendary and leaving a mark as a leader.
  • You’re a leader who is a creator and inventor and you’re ready to unleash your gifts for local, national and global impact.
  • You’ve had uncommon warfare yet uncommon tenacity in preparation for leaving a legacy for your people.

Are you ready to… 

you will learn…

How to rebel against mediocrity

How to be impactful in your authenticity

How to discover your legendary leadership traits
How to accelerate to having a higher consciousness
How to be honest about your flaws
How to discover your greater purpose
How to reinvent yourself and stay relevant
How to master your niche and master your people
How to become the “go-to” person in your niche
How to make yourself accessible without compromising the vision
How to train and develop leaders to be legendary
How to speak up and speak out about the cause for which you were created to fight
you will receive…

11-Week Online Course (approximately 10 videos )

Performance Tasks with action research and practical application
Coaching program; The Leader’s Coach teaches you strategies and guides you through the transformation process
The Leader’s Vault Private Facebook Group
Group Coaching and Mentoring Sessions
View and learn on mobile, tablet, or desktop
Set Your Own Pace Curriculum
Lifetime Access to The Program
Video Coaching from Certified Coach

Program Coming Soon