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This 7-day online course from my 7-week online program that gives leaders the strategies they need to shift their mindsets from one of struggle and impossibility to empowerment and limitless possibilities – so you can get your mind and your money back.


Ready to transform your mindset? A complete online transformational course that gives leaders strategies to shift your mindset from one of struggle and impossibility to one of empowerment and limitless possibilities.

Ready to unleash greater skills. You’re ready to rev up your leadership skills. You know that you have the capacity to be more and do more but you need to be unlocked and unleashed.
Ready to advance to legendary. You are ready to perform at a level that makes significant impact within and without your organization – having national or global impact.
If you want to be promoted and you’ve struggled in screenings before or you’re not sure how to prepare, I have a tried and true proven system that has gotten so many leaders promoted.

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People Say…

Mrs. Montré C. Stewart says...

I went on an awesome yet challenging journey during my coaching with Dr. Jené - a journey that required me to "elevate and shift my mindset."

Through Dr. Jené's coaching, teaching, spiritual advising, prayer, covering and encouraging, I am making a daily effort to be the Woman of God I was designed and created to be. I am becoming more committed to my daily relationship with God, my Husband, Son, Family, Friends and strangers. I have been coached through calls, emails, messages, Facebook posts, curriculum, scripture, and more. I am thankful and honored to have an anointed Coach & Spiritual Leader who constantly pours the Word of God in me like she did during one of our one-on-one strategy calls. She has set me up, prepared me, coached me into Taking It All Back. Our sessions were very in depth and together we identified action items in all pertinent areas of my life: spiritual, marital, professional, etc. The song says anyway you bless me, I'll be satisfied. To Dr. J I say, “Anyway you coach me, I'll be satisfied.” Jené is fully committed to her calling and election. It is VERY sure. She gives her all to those of us who are so very blessed to be coached by her. God is using her to perform great and mighty exploits.

Mrs. Jenisse Wilson says...

Dr. Jené has been such a blessing! During my one-on-one coaching calls with her, I gained clarity and confidence about what God is calling me to do and the season that I was in. She was direct, certain, and full of love which helped comfort me as I opened up to her about the areas in my life I was struggling with. This empowered me to take the leap of joining her first Master Mind group coaching, Taking It All Back. I was so excited about being a part of her Master Mind... but let me tell you... it was SO MUCH MORE than I thought it would be! Dr. Jené labors, with only the diligence and grace God can give, to make sure we HEAR what Yeshua is saying! Every coaching meeting and all the assignments will move me closer to God, my purpose and advancing the Kingdom!

Dr. Jené was created to help women educators and women entrepreneurs get the promotion and the pay increase they desire. She does this through coaching, training, development, and speaking. Jené, The Leader’s Coach, is the owner of Unleash the Leader Corporation, an entrepreneur, a dynamic speaker, and a prolific writer. She is a leader in all areas of leadership including business, church, and education. Her specialist and doctorate degrees are in Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction.

Ms. Valerie Clark says...

I had the honor of speaking with leadership GURU Jené Elaine Walker and OMG whew!! She walked down my passion, purpose, and plan in less than 30 Minutes!! She assisted me with the structure of my book, business, and ministry and was just as passionate about my purpose as I am. Sometimes all you need is someone who will stop and take time and unleash you to be greater! Before the end of the call, I had an outline, pointers, rebukes, encouragement, and a hot fire stick under me to get all this done! Listen SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING! The plethora of information coming from this vessel is priceless! Anything she is doing is worth investing in, because her hand is gold and she is changing lives! My life will never be the same!

Mrs. Dolla J. Laphand Warren says...

Coaching sessions with Jené have helped me to level up. I’ve become more empowered as a woman and mother as a result. Effective! My coaching sessions have helped me by identifying and transforming old mindsets, identifying letting go of generational patterns, strongholds, and building my inner woman, using or speaking powerful words that give life. Her coaching encouraged me to have a strategic plan for my life daily. I have new disciplines in many areas of my life, such as my spiritual life, praying, confessing, reading the Bible and applying those scriptures in my life, and my physical health. She provided coaching in the area of my finances, such as how to create wealth by providing financial experts to provide advice. The Master Mind coaching was a great investment. My life has really been changed. Thank you, Dr. Jené Walker. You are a God-sent blessing in my life.

Mrs. Antoinette Gray says...

My life has truly changed since I’ve been a part of Dr. Jené’s Master Mind Coaching. Because she is a firm believer in Yeshua her coaching sessions with me have helped me to take my relationship with Yeshua to another level. She is very passionate about Yeshua and hercoaching. During one of my coaching sessions with Dr. Jené she gave me this amazing action plan that lined right up to my personal life and business. Things started being restored in my life, I’ve become a better disciple of Yeshua, and my business is flourishing because I now know that I have to be diligent in my studying, praying, faith, and my relationship with Yeshua. Thank you Jené for your guidance.