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This 7-day online course from my 7-week online program that gives leaders the strategies they need to shift their mindsets from one of struggle and impossibility to empowerment and limitless possibilities – so you can get your mind and your money back.


Ready to transform your mindset? A complete online transformational course that gives leaders strategies to shift your mindset from one of struggle and impossibility to one of empowerment and limitless possibilities.

Ready to unleash greater skills. You’re ready to rev up your leadership skills. You know that you have the capacity to be more and do more but you need to be unlocked and unleashed.
Ready to advance to legendary. You are ready to perform at a level that makes significant impact within and without your organization – having national or global impact.
If you want to be promoted and you’ve struggled in screenings before or you’re not sure how to prepare, I have a tried and true proven system that has gotten so many leaders promoted.

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People Say…

What Attorney Pierce Says About Me:

I truly believe that all high-earning successful people have mindset coaches. “I said, the other day I was on the highway. I said I need to book a session with Dr. Jené because some things have been coming across me and attacking me. [The mind is ] the devil's playground and you need somebody to help you remove those roadblocks, remove those, those things that you think are impossible because we serve the God that makes miracles happen. 

“If you are in business, you definitely need a mindset coach because…here's the thing I always say, ‘Scared money doesn't make any money.’ There are always problems so you have to invest in yourself. You might be scared, but you need somebody right alongside of you moving that fear saying, ‘Look, you can do this.’ Dr. Jené is like Wendy on the show billions. She helps you make billion-dollar decisions in your business.”

What Mrs. Searcy Says About Me

“As an entrepreneur and really as a woman of God, too, right, you need somebody or a safe space that you can go for coaching and uplift. Entrepreneurship is a journey and it can be very, very lonely. And it has just been very fulfilling, being able to have conversations and be prayed over and just overall your mindset shifted to work with someone like Dr. Jené Walker. 

And I'll tell you, I put my money in. I feel like if you're looking for a mindset coach and you need some shifting and some adjustments, she's the person to go to. I give Dr. Jené my stamp of 55,000 approvals. I should say 1 billion approvals because we are all about to be billionaires period. 

I think women need Dr. Jené Walker. I know I do. I look forward to our sessions because again, I just, just need a safe space.”

What Attorney Alexis Says About Me

“I just want to encourage any woman leader who is struggling with any aspect of your mindset - from confidence to security to authority to perception to identity - to reach out to Dr. Jené. She is truly gifted and operating 100% in her anointing for women leaders. And she will have a word for you from the Lord. Every session I’ve had with Dr. Jené, there has been a word from the Lord directly for me and it has transformed my mindset and helped me transform my business and I’m so grateful. 

When the unleashing happens, it feels like a quickening and a releasing and like a fallback because you are not even in control. So you just fall back because you're literally just following the steps that He ordained, that he laid before you. And so it's just like you're in the driver's seat, but you are on cruise control. It's like spiritual cruise control. It's all those things wrapped up in this feeling that I have right now. 

Dr. Jené’s legacy has definitely been solidified. I look forward to continuing meeting with Dr. Jené and growing stronger, having more dominion, and getting that billionaire mindset.”

What Coach Makeda Says About Me

“I found out Dr. Jené Walker was a biblical mindset coach and so I started coaching with her. As I began to scale, she has been helping me through a lot of things. She had a virtual First Billionaire conference in March and asked me to be a speaker. I thought, I haven’t made my first million yet. She said, ‘You are going to be the first billionaire in your family.’ Then she said, ‘I want you to send me a video making that declaration.’ And it took me a while to do that video but I had to get it in my spirit. After doing Dr. Jené’s coaching and her conference my mindset and conversation shifted.

What I love about  Dr. Jené Walker is, I love her wisdom. This woman is dynamic. She's anointed. She is appointed. She has birthed some things into me. She told me who I am in the Spirit. I can sit and listen to her forever because she understands how to teach. She also is a person who has helped me to create curriculum for my coaching program because she comes from a background of education.”