I’m The Coach to billionaires, consultant, Speaker, & Author 
I love people. I love unlocking oppressive mindsets and unleashing the potential, hopes, dreams, and possibilities in people so they can have the freedom to live their fullest wealthiest lives.

My vision is to educate, empower, and equip leaders across the nations to become legendary and to leave a mark that impacts generations to come.

Leaders sometimes have the proclivity 1) To play small; 2) To cower in the corner; and 3) To hide our greatness.

Once I finally learned that I was doing all three of those things, I had a revelation and had to have a transformation.

One major life change can cause you to
give up on everything you thought you wanted
for yourself… If you let it.

I resigned from my salaried position as a leader and the transition literally could have taken me out. 

If I let it.


A FEW YEARS AGO, I knew I was supposed to walk away from
a six-figure position.

I knew I was destined for more.  I knew I was supposed to impact more. I was doing my job well but my heart was ready for and longing for more. But oh, I had no idea that I was going to have to mess up big time to be free to pursue my big-time dreams.

When I resigned, it felt like who I am was tied to what I was in that six figure job.

  • How can I lead now without that salary?
  • How can I lead now without that system?
  • How can I lead now without those people? 

I couldn’t see that the leader who was already within me was just waiting to be unleashed.

My mom found a developmental inventory from my pre-k teacher. I was 4 ½ years old. It was the year 19… Wait a minute! The year isn’t important. When my mom gave me the inventory, I first scanned the document to make sure I had a rating of all “Yes’s” and said, “Whew!” Then, I looked at the inventory more closely.

My eyes captured this statement, “Jené loves to be the leader.”
At 4 years old, I already knew that I was a leader.

It was at that moment, and of course it was solidified during tons of coaching sessions, I knew with everything in me that I was created to lead.  Have you had moments of clarity too?  Moments that made you certain that leadership is your calling?

After that moment, I began to seriously build my business. I took everything that I know and that I gave in blood, sweat, and tears to the system I was in as a leader for 13 years and began to apply it to my own company.

It has been a challenging road. I myself had to go through every leadership developmental tier that I’ve crafted for you.


I had some limiting beliefs embedded in my mind that I had NO IDEA were actually there.


I had to be elevated to the next level in my mind, beyond the six-figure position in one building, in one system.


My unleashing took some prying, probing, and unlocking to get me to a place of confidence in who I am and in what I do.


People are still implementing systems, structures, books, and programs that me and my teams put in place. Leaders still mention my name in regards to helping them to level up in their leadership.

I realized that I don’t want to just have a local impact.

Don’t get me wrong. Local impact is imperative and necessary and a starting point for legends. But I desire to make a global impact on legendary billionaires all over the world. This is my calling.

I want to impact children.

There are historically disadvantaged all over the world. I want to impact men who have been incarcerated or who are homeless all over the world. I’m no longer afraid of what people will think about how big the vision and mission are.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is there is a small percentage of leaders who was created to make a global impact and leave a billion dollar legacy that will transform generations to come. Those are my leaders.

Leadership programs and traditional courses don’t unleash the legendary leader in you because the focus is on basic leadership skills.

Typical leadership programs and courses don’t challenge you to speak up and speak out and do something radical when you know you were called to change the world. Typical leadership programs and courses don’t challenge you to look beyond the four walls of your organization to societal and global needs.

Unleash the Leader Corporation is a place where legendary billionaires are born. I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of leaders across the nation and in areas across the country. 

A government worker who now has a dream home with her husband and three additional streams of income, and a steamy love life with the man of her dreams. Their health and wellness for-profit arm will shift the lives of people all over the world.

A principal who was stuck as assistant principal with principal leadership capabilities who needed to be unleashed. She is now promoted and making a mark in the county and recruiting in other cities and counties.

A teacher who exhibited leadership abilities but needed to be unleashed to lead at a higher level of leadership and is now promoted to assistant principal, real estate owner, and considering a trucking company with her husband.

A pastor who wanted to restructure his church’s educational program to include a youth program with structured lessons to engage the youth on their level.

A wife who never understood submission until after going through my course for wives as leaders. She is now thriving in her marriage, following the leadership principles in the course.

Leaders you don’t have to be stuck. If you believe there is more for you, then, there is more for you.

I’ve learned so many lessons over the past 15 years as a leader!

Leadership Lessons

Teacher as Leader
After getting it wrong as a teacher, I took my lessons learned and transformed my mindset. I had 100% passing rate on the English Language Arts state assessment in Louisiana and the high 90s in Georgia. Then, I became the model classroom for my school. Board members and central office staff visited my classroom. I became a teacher mentor to new and struggling teachers. I mastered my job on this level and was rewarded with a position in charge of the entire English Language Arts Curriculum for close to 40,000 students and 3,000 teachers. 

Leadership Lesson: People, their success, and your promotion are just waiting on you to transform your mindset and get it right.

Instructional Supervisor
After I finally learned to manage a million-dollar+ budget, I successfully developed an entire K-12 Curricula, instituting the first Bible Curricula in the region, leaving a legacy for students to come. I helped to lead a school team that would write and earn a multimillion-dollar grant. I continually trained and developed teachers, coaches and principals and Level 4 administrators. I then experienced building level leadership, supervising leaders up close and personal; evaluating and supervising staff and leaders at every level. 
Leadership Lesson: Misfortune and temporary defeat aren’t created to break you but to teach you, prepare you, and position you to advance to legendary leadership.
Minister and Philanthropist
The easiest leadership assignment is in the church and through philanthropy, right? Wrong. I started as a music minister as early as 5th grade with a paid position as the Sunbeam Choir pianist. I’ve been in the church as a minister ever since. I’ve been in leadership as a Choir Directress at a mega church and an associate minister at two churches. I have a heart for people but people in ministry have taught me some of my hardest leadership lessons. But no matter what, I live to empower leaders in every walk of life. 

Through my own ministry, Salt and Light Evangelistic Association, Incorporated, I minister biweekly to males in the prison system – Level 3 and Level 5 prison facilities so far. I developed the REMADE™ Curriculum and provide the kings at the prison with leadership skills and strategies and books such as “How Successful People Think” and “Think and Grow Rich.” I minister at homeless shelters and in the streets. I unleash leaders even as a minister and a philanthropist.

Leadership Lesson: Global impact begins when you decide to move beyond the four walls of the business, church, and home to transform the lives of people all over the earth and then, they duplicate what you’ve taught and train them to do.

You don’t have to be stuck where you are.

Leaders are perpetual learners. 

I’m The Leader’s Coach and through my company, Unleash the Leader ™ Corporation, I have the coaching and consulting, training, and development that you need to be unleashed. 

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